OK let’s do this!


So I must admit I’ve been a little bit afraid of starting a blog…

It’s the idea that this will be something with grand aspirations at the very beginning but then, three years later I’ve not bothered to keep up with it and there’s just two posts on here, including this one. If you’re reading this in 2017 and this short introduction represents a significant proportion of what has been written thus far, I apologise now in advance and consider the prophecy fulfilled.

If by chance this actually turns into something great, then hey I knew it all along! (nothing wrong with an each way bet ;)

The idea is simple – for too long, Small Business has been encumbered by methods and principles that were developed for BIG Business and somehow, magically, these are supposed to be “transferable” and don’t worry there shouldn’t be any problems, hey look! A rabbit!

Well anyone who has actually run a small business can tell you almost nothing that applies to Big Business applies equally to Small Business.

Mostly, we get by and sort of just make up the rules as we go along. Maybe bring on some expertise when we need it – an accountant here, a lawyer there – usually a friend of the family – and if it works, don’t fix it. If it doesn’t work well, then we are told by a whole bunch of people how statistically so many small businesses fail every year and “in this economy” and bla bla…

Well I’m here to tell you that is RUBBISH! The best way you can ensure your small business remains healthy and runs smoothly is to not try to run it like it’s a big business! Obviously we’re coming at things mostly from an accounts and record-keeping perspective, but the general idea is still the same – you might say “transferable” even.

Anyhow, if you’re still reading then you are awesome and hopefully next time you come back there will be some actual articles you will undoubtedly find infinitely more compelling and enlightening than this humble introduction.

Keep up the good work!



Sterling has extensive experience in important sounding stuff and something about his opinions and blablabla are you seriously reading this right now?

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