Can Laziness actually HELP you succeed?

Community creator Dan Harmon recently spoke to Fast Company about how he doesn’t have much of a work ethic, doesn’t commit to a schedule, and how you should embrace your laziness.

Find the thing that you really like to do, and try and figure out how to make that your job… truly, that is the only way I manage to stay productive — is by finding ways to get paid to do the things I would rather do.

We’ve all heard the idea of finding the thing that we are actually driven to do, before – although perhaps not phrased in quite the same way. Is being as lazy as Dan openly admits to being, actually the secret to success?

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning – is it the daily grind of some job you’d rather not do, or the “dream job” where you get paid to do the things you actually love?


Sterling Smith

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