Next Time Just Ask

So we got a cease-and-desist letter from Xero. To be fair, outdated information is still incorrect information and of course we don’t have any problem amending anything to match up with how their product works, now.

That said, does Xero really feel the need to go through some lawyer to ask someone to amend some facts on a website? How old-school are these guys?

We consider that bad form and we certainly wouldn’t do something like that – below is our response to that letter, inviting them to next time just open up a dialogue, before releasing the hounds.

Hi Jack Quirk,

Thanks for getting in touch. I have been informed that our information was accurate at the time of original publication but of course we get than plans and features change (as perhaps you feel some pressure from your competition?) and we’re happy to correct any information which may be outdated on our website, about the Xero starter plan.

We couldn’t find any information to back up your claim about job tracking being available without any add-ons on a basic package but of course if you can point us to maybe a website which explains this, we’ll be happy to amend that too. It currently says you can do this with an add-on.

In terms of the limitations for custom invoices and showing information about Xero’s other plans, please understand we are not in the business of promoting someone else’s entire line of products and we feel a comparison against (only) the basic plan is perfectly reasonable – and consistent with our comparisons of the basic plans from other competitors. If it is any consolation, we do mention in the text that you can upgrade to one of the other plans if you want more than 5 custom invoices per month.

Can I make a suggestion? Xero employs hundreds of staff, in many different departments and of course while we are certainly flattered that they are checking us out, we can still be “friendly” competition. Next time just ask.

Best Regards,

Anita Brown


Maybe this is a little bit cheeky, too, but hey we’re not spending millions promoting ourselves to you as a bunch of really cool people who just want to make your accounts look “beautiful”…

Sterling Smith

Sterling has extensive experience in important sounding stuff and something about his opinions and blablabla are you seriously reading this right now?

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