“Bundling” has been a huge part of business for many years – from the simplest “2 for the price of 1” offer to the Maccas “Meal Deal” to the all-encompassing Phone/Broadband/CableTV/Mobile deals from companies like Telstra. Of course, this is something your business can do – and probably already does! The good news is that it is as easy as ordering that online pizza when you are on eLEDGER.

Instead of entering a bunch of separate lines for each item in an Order


…simply select “create a new package” from your Store menu and enter those items into your Package instead. Your costs are automatically calculated for you, as is GST (as always) but of course the beauty of a Package deal is that the price can be absolutely anything!


You can include intangible items in there, like Delivery Fees or Extended Warranties or maybe a free iPhone app you include as part of a promotion, if you like, and even make the entire package intangible (although be careful with that if you need to keep track of stock levels!) with a single click.

Now this package is available to select for your Order – in fact you can do so, as soon as you save it, with a single-click on the next screen – and it will only need a single line of entry, at your (discounted) package price…


Can you do this on your smartphone or tablet while you are out of the office, maybe onsite with your supplier? Of course! This is eLEDGER we’re talking about, after all.


Keep up the good work!

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